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About Jill Sands

I came to trend forecasting from several avenues: interior designer, corporate trend forecaster and corporate design director. Owning my own interior design firm for 20 years, my constant goal was to find those special items that defined the You-niqueness of each client. 

At Toland Enterprises my role was to forecast trends, then work with artists to create images that fulfilled our design trend goals. A member and chairholder of Color Marketing Group for nearly 20 years has positioned me to interact with other trend experts in a multitude of industries around the world.

Constant reading of a breadth of periodicals (from the obvious to the obscure), researching the web, walking both national and international trade shows, museum exhibits, craft shows, main line and trendy shops, and engaging in conversation with retailers and manufacturers gives me an intuition of what will influence trends going forward. I walk city streets (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris and other major European cities) picking up the vibes of what’s trending in and how it interplays with current trends. I then analyze this multitude of information to present it to you in “readable” form. I pride myself in being on-trend and not trendy. My husband David and I live in Dorset, VT.

The information contained in The Trend Forecaster is proprietary and available only through subscription. Copyright 2014, The Trend Forecaster.

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