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color trends



Shifting Gears in

the 21st Century

Internationally, cultures will be looking to their own past as influence in décor. We’ll be integrating our own cultural heritage with those of other cultures. We will take the essence of those cultural elements, re-coloring and re-sizing them to create unique interpretations to fit our lifestyles of today. In the US we’ll reach back to Native Americans for their rich patterns and colors. Feathers and totems will hold a strong influence. Look for stack­ing as representation of totems. Moving toward 2016 and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the indigenous peoples of South and Central America will strongly weight color, pattern and design. Flag patterns of the Stars and Stripes, England’s Union Jack, and France’s tri-colour will decorate furniture and accessories. Hand-crafted ethnic influences include embroidery,jumbo knits, Suzani, paisley, ikats, toiles and look for calico which is trending in.

(Excerpted from The Trend Forecaster)

The information contained in The Trend Forecaster is proprietary and available only through subscription. Copyright 2014, The Trend Forecaster.

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