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Some interesting statistics:

  • 8,000 Boomers turn 60 each day 
  • Boomers are the largest demographic ever at 77 million 
  • The number of households headed by people 55 and older will increase 80% by 2013 as America’s population ages. 

The last statistic sounds great, except that in large part their spending is being directed to travel, medical, and other services instead of goods.

Newly forming households headed by 25 to 34 year olds are growing and will be purchasing goods in greater quantities than services.  Gen Y (1980-94), also referred to as Echo Boomers, is the second largest demographic ever at 71 million. 

(Excerpted from The Trend Forecaster)

The information contained in The Trend Forecaster is proprietary and available only through subscription. Copyright 2014, The Trend Forecaster.

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