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color trends

Bringing the

Indoors Out and

Vice Versa

It was a recent "phenomena" that we were bringing the indoors outside; creating outdoor rooms that mimicked the indoors…kitchens, secret hide-aways, reading nooks, or conversation niches. We introduced indoor colors, design and style to our outdooor summer living. Why not…hang art on a porch wall? Serve with china and silver? Use fabric tablecloths and napkins?

This concept of bringing the indoors outdoors has been widely embraced. So much that it has been the inspiration for the creation of outdoor fabrics with the design, texture and hand of fine indoor fabrics. You guessed it! The fabrics along with other outdoor products are now coming back indoors…and why not? They look great, their colors and designs are right on trend and best of all, they are so practical for use on a south-facing window seat, in a family room, or as kitchen chair cushions. So, you can enjoy your indoor-outdoor rooms and your outdoor- indoor rooms all year long!

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